Installation THRESHOLD by an international group of artists.

Project for Art Basel 2012

Concept: Lillian Torjusson (NO), Marco (DE)
Paintings: Lillian Torjusson (NO)
Sculpture: Rik ten Cate (NL)
Design: Michael Wiemers (DE)

THRESHOLD: a soul journey through colors and forms

Colors and forms have a strong impact on the human being. Colors express soul moods.

In this installation, one will first walk through large canvases with distorted colors, representing the unconscious shadow side (C. G. Jung) of ones being. At a turning point, one passes a THRESHOLD, and shortly after one encounters bright colors in ideal conditions. A feeling of catharsis may arise through the purified colors. Pure yellow: Joy. Pure red: Strength. Pure blue: Serenity.

12 paintings (180 x 100 cm) in red, yellow and blue - by Lillian.