Lillian is interested in how colors influence ones state of being and emotional life.
For her, an essential part of the art of painting is about the inner qualities of, and the interrelationships between colors - but also the world of images.
When Lillian paints, she usually starts with a color-harmony; one might call it abstract painting. Then during the artistic process, a subject or a theme tends to arise. But the starting point is often one single color:
“When you work with a color, like for example blue, it‘s interesting to observe how you inwardly become more quiet and tranquil. Blue, has a calming tendency and is often related to a melancholic mood, like: I feel blue...- Red, on the other hand, awakes warmth and presence. It‘s very straightforward and lively. It‘s definitely the color that children prefer! And of course, in our culture, red is associated with feelings of love and passion. I think that‘s obvious for most people.
The world of colors touches the depth of ones being, in an unconscious way. When working intensively with colors, one gets closer to each individual nuance, and might compare a color with a sound or a movement.
Painting has of course its domain in the world of imagination. Archetypal myths and fairies have their origin there. In ancient times visions, dreams and experiences of higher worlds were painted, drawn in caves, on scrolls etc. Later depicted in temples and churches. - Art and religion was one. Here, I think the most striking and well-known examples are the old Egyptian depictions, or the Russian and Byzantine iconography.“

The colors of love
"I believe the mission of colors is love... As man travels his path in good or evil, in sorrow or joy, the colorworld is a tool he may use to transform his inner being - towards a certain objectivity. As each color express a mood, it will more or less trigger the corresponding mood in us. Whatever we look at has an impact on our soul-life. Maybe that‘s one reason why nature so often is used for recreation and convalescence: The beautiful greens, and other colors...Sunrise and sunset... Somehow the pure colors have a more defined and clearer statements. Maybe by observing pure colors one may purify ones inner colors...
So when man frees himself from outer and inner boundaries, becoming true to is his inner self: His own colors, his own feelings will change.
Looking at the rainbow: Seven pure colors in a composition of total harmony...
Why is red the color of love...?"